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Now that Nysc is over…

Nigeria’s ours, Nigeria we serve.

I recently completed my one year compulsory service to the country. I say my compulsory service because service to my country never really ends. It was a beautiful one year. Had its ups and definitely had its downs. The year started in July with 3 weeks of camping; the best part of service. NYSC corps members are supposed to be para military. And oh they treated us like one. Waking up by 3 am, taking your bath under open heavens on cold breezy Isehin mornings might be normal for some of you, but it wasn’t for me. I did that anyway. By the way, Oyo State should try and get another camp, that Isehin camp sucked. Okay, asides that and the obvious stress of para military training, camp was nice. Made a lot of friends, had a lot of fun.
Then came the real service. I was posted to serve in the State Ministry of Works. After going through an interview process, failing it and being favoured by a Director i did not know, i was accepted and began a journey that would teach me one thing, amongst others; if you want to use your brain, and do alot of good, don’t work for the Government. I know this does not apply to all Government jobs, but mostly, you just waste your time, talent and energy. So, according to the Government and Nysc, I have served my nation and it’s time to move on.
Why am I writing this? Well, i don’t wanna bore you with my story or just relive my service year but i want to share some vital lessons i learned in this one year period, you could pick a few things yourself.

– Everything that has a beginning has an end. When I resumed at my place of primary assignment, one year looked like a very long time. Looking back now, it doesn’t look that long. Starting is usually the challenge for most people, and this applies to all areas of life.
– Everyone needs friends. It’s easy to get lost in the crowd during the service year. You’ll most likely be posted outside your state, sometimes you don’t even understand the language spoken by the residents of your post, it can be lonely. Life can be lonely, you will find yourself alone at times, the good thing is, you’ll always find friends as I did. I made friends, lots of them. The best way to get friends is to be a friend yourself, don’t forget that.
-If you develop yourself mentally,(read books, attend success seminars, listen to audio seminars) you are in a top class almost all by yourself. I love to read and I know it’s a must if you want to achieve much and somehow i expected everybody to be the same. To my surprise, I discovered i was wrong. Most folks know they should read but they just can’t get themselves to. Many even think it’s a waste of time.A neighbour of mine once asked me if I thought the books i was reading made any difference to my life, well, he’ll have his answer soon. You should be a part of the elite. Read, it can only help you; when you read the right books of course.
– Whatever your level, good or bad, you’re not alone. There are always people like you. Except you are Will Smith in I am Legend, you always have people at your level. Mentally, Spiritually, i needed people at my level or higher than i was and i found them. At camp i met a man who came to give a talk, he spoke of all the things I’ve been reading. I was surprised. There are Christians everywhere, good, no great Christians. Men of like precious faith.
– God makes all the difference. He does! There are all kinds of people, and you meet everyone of them during your service year. Girls who drink more than some fishes can ever dream of, boys who smoke more than bakery ovens, people who have slept with more poeple than they can bother to count. Some will even call you names, make sly derogatory remarks about you, why? Because you are different. What makes these difference? God! I’m 20 and some years, i go through the same temptations as the next guy. Maybe more. What makes me stand when others fall? God!
As i close this, I have to say; knowing GOD and having a personal relationship with Him makes the difference.


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